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2017 Updates
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4-28-17 Billboard Added Aug 31, 2013
  Record World Added Feb 28. Jan 24, Sept 12, 1981. Mar 13, 1982; an incomplete copy of May 31, 1972
  Practical Television (UK) Added June to December, 1992, entiere year 1999 and 2000
  Gates Catalogs Added the full-line General Catalog of broadcast equipment from Gates Radio Co.
4-26-17 WJLS "The 560 News" Added 8 issues of the WJLS, Beckley, WV, monthly magazine "The 560 News".
  Hooperatings Courtesy of Alabama and Mississippi broadcaster Alex Bowab, we present the November 1964 Hoopers for Mobile and the 1961 Hoopers for New Orleans.
  NRI Journal / National Radio News Added 37 missing issues of the student and alumni publication of correspondence school "National Radio Institure" courtesy of Steve Rosenfield (anecdotally, theis site's webmaster took multiple courses from NRI when living in South America)
  Globe Circler The Globe Circler was a DX Club Magazine published by the International DX'ers Alliance beginning in 1933. It carried DX reports, notices of station changes and articles about important international broadcasters, often with photographs of studios and antanna systems. We just added 60 issues from 1934 to 1943 from the collection of Steve Rosenfeld.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Jan 1971 and Nov, Dec 1962
4-25-17 Television (UK) Added Jan to May of 1992, January to December of 1991 and February to December of 1990.
  NBC: How to Increase Effectiveness of TV Commercials A 1952 research project by NBC Television showed early users of television some tricks and techniques on making effective TV spots.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added April to October of 1962, 6 total issues.
4-24-17 Music Business Added 10 issues from 1964. They are part of the large set of Music Business that contributor
4-23-17 Wireless Weekly Added all issues for October of 1923
  Radio Doings Added the January 5, 1924 issue. This edition features many interesting articles including one by General David Sarnoff on keeping radio "free".
  Radio Television Journal Added 18 issues to this title also published as Radio Journal and Radio & Appliance Journal during its history. This was a dealer and service shop trade journal with many features on new models, replacement parts and, of course, lots of ads.
  Electronics Today International Added Feb 1987 and Oct 1988
  National Union Tubes Log Added a log from the post FRC radio frequency reorganization; early 30's likely.
4-22-17 Music Business Added 12 issues of Music Business from 1964 and they are highlighted with a < symbol
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Feb 1959. May, Aug, Sept, Oct 1959, June 1949, Jul, Aug 1961. Mar 1962. Aug, Sept, Oct 1981, Oct 1991.
  Practical Television Added  May, Apr, Jan, Sept, Dec 1964
  Popular Electronics Added a complete issue for December 1975, replacing one that was missing a key article.
  Cash Box Added one of the few remaining "missing" issues, June 17 of 1967. Unfortunately, it is missing a few of the frist pages but "anything is better than no issue at all"
  Short Wave Listener Added 26 issue from 1948 to 1952.
  Record World Added Feb 8, 1975, Complete issue of April 21, 1979, December 26, 1970.
  Canadian Broadcaster Added July 21 and Aug 18 of 1966
  Radio Varieties Added June, September 1939 and March, 1940 from this magazine about radio programs which began in 1937 and merged with Rural Radio in 1941
  Science & Invention Added December, 1927 of this classic futuristic science and technology magazine.
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While we have multiple on and off site backups, replacing the hardware took time and we took the additional step of upgrading to Windows 10 meaning a full reinstall. The result: 100 hours of work, and some things are still not ready.
We will start adding new items soon. Please let us know if there are any issues in using the site.
We are about a month behind in correspondence, so please understand this if you are awaiting a reply or answer about this site.
4-15-17 Electronics Today (ETI) Added August, 1983
  NAB Engineering WNBC / WCBS Diplexing Added an NAB technical paper about the diplexing in 1954 of the WNBC and WCBS 50 kw signals at a shared site in New York CIty.
  Practical Electronics Added March, 1966
  Radio Listener's Red Book 1927 Logbook and listening of all stations in North America, as well as lists of the Red, Blue Pacific Coast, American and Columbia Networks. Includes the often ignored stations of 10 to 50 watts.
  Television (UK) Added December, 1933 from this very rare early period of "The First Television Journal in the World".
4-14-17 Music Business Site contributor Nigel Maxey has added three issues from 1964 and 1964, as indicated by the little red arrow symbols.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added April and July of 1981, July 1958, July of 1950 and May of 1948 all courtesy of Peter Merriman.
  Electronics / Electronics & Beyond Added 32 issues of this UK magazine published from 1980 to around 2002 for the experimenter and hobbyist. 
4-13-17 Electronic Industries Added 10 issues from 1960 to 1962 and 12 issues from the years 1958 and 1959
  Gavin Report Added 28 issues from 1993, 39 from 1994, 11 from 1995 and 1 from 1998, 2 from 1999, 1 from 2000.
  Practical Television Added 20 issues from 1983 to 1989. They are marked with the red arrow symbol.
  Sound Format Added the July 9, 1966 edition of this music industry magazine
  Billboard Added issues from 2012 and 2013
  Radio Doings Added the oldest issue in our collection: May 3, 1924.
  Radio & Television Maintenance Added 5 issues from 1950 and 1951 and they are marked with the symbol
4-12-16 Radio News Added a new copy of November 1957 since a site user let us know that the old one was maissing a number of pages and some interesting articles.
  Music & Media Added  a complete set for the year 1987 of this Pan-European music and radio magazine. And we are now scanning 1988 and 1989. The contents are searchable now. Look for at least two more years' worth of issues every month during 2017
  Record World Added complete issues (no missing pages or charts) for March 17, 1979, Dec 21, 1968, Mar 1 1969, Jun 23, 1979,
Added new issues not previously available: Dec 14, 1968, Feb 22, Mar 22, Feb 15, 1969, Nov 23 and Dec 28, 1968,
  Short Wave Listener Added a second issue, Sept 1935, to this new collection of one of the lesser known of the Hugo Gernsback magazines.
  Practical Electronics Added March 1967
4-10-17 Bookshelf: Early Radio Added the 1922 small book "The Home Radio and How to Make It"
4-9-17 Practical Television Added 19 issues of "Television" from 1989 to 2001
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added May and November, 1947 and January 1948
Modern Wireless Added November and December 1928 and the November booklet, "Sets for Every Pocket".
  Wireless Magazine Added February, 1931
  Electronics Today (ETI) Added July, 1997
Short Wave Listener Added a new section and one issue of Hugo Gernsback's mid-1930's short wave listening magazine. Includes receiver and antenna articles, station features, DX reports and a list of world Short Wave stations.
4-8-17 Radio Progress Thanks to contributor Len Arzoomanian, 10 additional issues of the 1924-1925 "Radio Progress" magazine have been added, doubling the collection to more than half all the issues ever published.
  National Radio News Added Feb-Mar 1935
  Rhode Island Radio Fans Handbook Added the 1924 (published date) issue (for use in 1925) of this direct predecessor of the White's Radio Log.
  Television Added 20 issues from 1989 to 2001 courtesy of Alex Hiley. This title is the continuation of "Practical Television" which changed focus in 1970 to servicing and consumer TV's.
4-7-17 Radio Retailing Added issues from Oct and Nov 1960, Jan 1961, Apr 1962, 11 issue from 1958, 6 issues from 1958 and 4 issues from 1950 when named Electronic Technician and March, 1954 when title was Technician and 6 issues from 1979 under name of ETD
  Practical Wireless Added April 1941
  Practical Television Added August 1954. Nov. Dec 1976, all of 1977
4-5-17 Practical Electronics Added November 1985
  Electronics Today Added Jan, Mar 1996, Feb, Mar, Apr 1997 and Feb 1998
  Music Business Added Feb 13, 1965
  Sound Format Added a new section for this music and radio magazine which began in 1965.
  NAB RadioActive Added September 1985 membership magazine for radio
4-4-17 Practical Television Added 41 issues from the period between 1978 and 1983.
  Radio Retailing Added July, 1954 (when called Technician), Dec 1968 and Jan 1971 (when called Electronic Technician) and, under title of "ETD" 7 issues from 1975 and 7 more from 1979
  Nielsen / Arbitron Added new Radio Today issues from 2016
  Nielsen / Arbitron Added the semi-annual Red Book and Blue Book summaries of market data and survey frequency to the listing of the MSA market maps.
  Electronics Today Added Jan, July, November of 1995 and December of 1994
  Electronics Added the buyer's guide for 1953. It is listed in the sidebar on the left. (Large download: 150 mb)
4-3-17 Record World Added Oct 10, 1964, Dec 24, 1966 and Mar 20, Jun 12 and Apr 24 1971, Dec 9 1972 and Feb 28 1970 and 1976 May 29. We are gradually building up this collection and replacing issues that are missing pages or charts.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Jan-Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun-Jul, Aug and Sept of the year 1979. Courtesy of John Beach.
  Practical Television Added June, Oct 1966, Dec 1961, Feb 1965
  Music Business Added Mar 2, Mar 23, Apr 20, May 4, Jun 29, Aug 19 of 1963 and July 25, 1964
  Practical Wireless Added all issues from May 1940
  Wireless & Television Review Added April of 1935 of this very rare magazine which has interesting technology articles along with the customary construction features.
  Electronics Today Added June 1989
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1945 Broadcast Audio Equipment catalog courtesy of Bill Deming
4-02-17 Bookshelf Bernards Added 64 books from the Barnards numbered series from the UK.
  Bookshelf Babani Added 20 books from the Babani series. They are on the same page as the Bernards' books.
04-01-17 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added July, August and December of 1946 and January and March and April of 1947
  Popular Wireless Added the final issue ever published of this title: December 25, 1937. It includes a notice of the magazine's closing, along with a recommendation to buy and read competing magazine Wireless World.
3-31-17 REP Recording Engineer Producer Former Manhattan A-1 Studios team member Danny Cornyetz provided Vol 1 No 1 and Vol 1 No 3. We now only need Vol 1 No 2 to complete the collection!
3-30-17 Popular Wireless Added 13 more issues from 1827, 1928, 1930 and 1931- We now have 78 issues of this very rare publication. The latest are courtesy of Steve Rosenfeld.
  RadioActive from the NAB Added one issue, March 1985, of this NAB monthly magazine for radio members. We hope to be able to locate more of this title.
  RCA Catalogs Added the 1974 "Broadcast Transmitters for VHF"
  On the Air Added the June and September 1925 issues of this consumer publication with articles about stations, programs and simple technical matters.(Not to be confused with "What's on the Air" which is a separate magazine.
  Wireless World Added August 1924 edition.
3-27-17 Everybody's Radio Added 7 issues of "Everybody's Radio", a radio constructor and hobbyist weekly from the Chicago area from the 1923-1926 period.
  Popular Wireless Added another 10 issues from 1932 and 1933.
  FAQ Ammended, clarified and rewrote sections of the site FAQ. If there is a site question you think needs to be on the FAQ, let us know.
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added Emery's 1956 book "Broadcasting and Government"
  Broadcasting: Professional Added Kiingston, et. al, Broadcasting: Television and Radio from 1955
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added the National Radio Institute "Radio Quiz Book" from 1922. It is rather fun to try to answer the questions with 21st Century knowledge!
  Bookshelf: Technical Added Jessop's 1967 "Radio Data Reference Book"
  Radio Best Added November of 1949
  Television & Short Wave (UK) Added issues from March, October and November of 1935
  Wireless World Added all issues from Jan, 1930 combined in a single file. Courtesy: Dave Wombwell
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Feb, Mar 1948, Feb, Dec 1969
  Western Music & Radio Trades Journal A new section was added for this Pacific coast states journal dedicated to the retailing of phonographs and radios and their accessories. One issue has been obtained, and this is the only one we've ever seen in a decade of looking.
  Wireless World Added the August, 1925 issues
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added Yates' Everyman's Guide to Radio from 1927
3-26-17 Music Business / Music Reporter Added 10 issues of Music Business from 1964 and 1965. Also added 9 issues of Music Reporter from 1960, 1961 and 1964. They are highlighted with a red arrow symbol.
  Practical Electronics Added March 1992
3-25-17 Radio Service Dealer Added August 1950
  Popular Wireless Added 27 issues ranging from 1925 to 1933 of this excellent UK construction and electronics magazine, all from the collection of Steve Rosenfeld. There are now 55 different issues of the magazine available to read.
  Popular Communications Addded marked issues from 2005, 2006 and 2013
  Practical Television Added 43 issues from the period between 1971 and 1976, by which time the title had been changed to just "Television". Courtesy: Alex Hiley
3-24-17 Record World Added 7 issues. All are highlighted with the red arrow symbol.
  RCA Equipment Added the 1960 price list and "Transmitting Equipment Catalog No 2" as well as the service manual and addendum for the TR4 Television Tape Recorder from 1964.
  Television (UK) Added June, 1934 issue of Television and the August, 1936, issue of Television and Short Wave World. The earlier issues of this magazine are quite rare, and going for as much as £100 each now! This is an important title, as the UK had network (BBC) TV nearly a decade before the US did, so much early TV history was made in London.
3-21-17 Music Business / Music Reporter Added 8 issues which are highlighted by the arrow symbol
3-19-17 Record World Added March 7 1981 and a complete copy of Aug 30, 1969
  National Radio News Added issues from 1936 and 1937 to the collection of this newsletter and technical bulletin for the graduates of National Radio Institute electronics training courses.
  Radio Electronics Replaced the May 1959 issue with one with all pages complete.
Again, a riminder that old documents purchased by this site or donated by supporters may not always have all the pages.
  RCA Catalogs Added the sales brochure for the TP 35B 35mm Projector for TV
  Communications World Added the 1979 Edition
  Billboard Added a complete issue for April 13, 1959. The previous copy had only 2 correct pages.
Also added a complete copý of the Aug 30, 1969 issue which was also missing pages.
  Cash Box Added the Directory Supplement to the July 5, 1986 issue
  Station Albums Added a 1941 album for CKLW, Windsor, ON (Detroit).
  FCC Documents Added the 1912 Radio Act and the complexly named "FCC Statistical Determinants of Station Revenues and Trading Prices" from 1982
5-17-17 Music Business Added May 15 and May 22, 1965
  Wireless World Added August 1934
  New Musical Express Added a new section with a good number of issues from 1968 and 1969
3-15-17 Billboard Added 7 issues from April and July 1941
  General Electric Added a new page for General Electric broadcast and electronic catalogs and manuals
  Beitman Manuals and Books Added theBeitman Simplified Radio Servicing by Comparison Method and the Beitman Most Needed FM & Television Service Information
3-14-17 Electronics Today International (ETI) Added Jan 1986
  Music Business Added issues of Music Business to the Music Reporter page; the two magazines merged in 1964 and then ceased publication in 1965.
3-13-17 Music Reporter Added the first 8 issues of Music Reporter, an industry trade from the 50's and 60's courtesy of Nigel Maxey.
  Annual of Advertising Art Added a section for a selection of the annual pupublication of the Art Directors Club of New York, presenting the highest judged ad artwork from the prior year. We present this on this electronic media site so show the state of advertising in each era or decade. 12 volumes, including the first ones from 1921 to 1926 have been added.
3-12-17 Music Vendor Added the last issue of this predecessor to Record World; it is the April 11 issue listed on the Record World page. It has an editorial about the name change.
  Service Added all the missing issues form 1943. They are highlighted with a red arrow.
  Studio Sound Added Feb 1975 and Feb 1979.
  Electronics Today International (ETI) Added 10 issues from 1976, 4 issues from 1975, 3 from 1983. and 7 issues from 1977 and one from 1979. All have arrow markers
3-11-17 Electronics Added the Buyer's Guide from Mid-June of 1947. All the recently added Guides are very thick volumes of 400 pages or more.
  BRE Added 10 issues of BRE (Black Radio Exclusive) from 1989 and 1990. They are marked with a red arrow
3-9-17 Aerovox Research Worker Added approximately 100 more issues of this title, ranging from 1928 to 1967. The section is searchable, too.
  Hobbyist Annuals & Specials Added the ETI (Electronics Today International) Winter 1981 "150 Projects" edition.
  NRI Home Study Course 1942 Added the 1942 set of home study self-pacing lessons from the National Radio Institute
Also .
  NRI Home Study Course 1937 Added a second supplement to the 1937 course.
  De Forest Home Study Added a full course plus training projects from sometime between 1942 and 1944 from De Forest Training. This complements a set of lessons from much later in that decade.
  GE Industrial Tubes Added a loose leaf binder of GE tube prices and spec sheets ranging from 1945 to 1958. It is a hefty 813 pages and a big download, but a marvelous reference to be saved!
  Gernsback Library Added "Radio for All" from 1922. This volume explains simple radio theory and principles of listening enjoyment. Also has a station list and the Radio Act of 1912
  Practical Electronics Added Sept 1969
  Practical Wireless Added the "bonus" Ohm's Law Calculator to the October, 1963 issue.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added Nov, Dec 1968 and Jan 1969.
  Radio World Added a number of the missing issues from 1926 and 1928
  Station Albums Added a booklet commemorating the 1929 innauguration of the new studios of WHEC in Rochester, NY. Courtesy: John Schneider.
3-8-17 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added June 1946, May, Jun, Aug, Sept of 1968
  Electronics Added annual "Buyer's Guide" issues from 1947, 1949, 1950 and 1951
  Wireless Weekly Addes Jan 14 and July 1 of 1925
  Practical Electronics Added November, 1964. This was the first issue published.
3-7-17 Practical Wireless Added Dec 9, Dec 16, Dec 30, 1933: Mar 3, 1934; Jul 8, Mar 25 1939; Feb 24, Mar 9, Apr 20, 1940; Sept, Oct 1941
  Cash Box Added July 31 and Dec 25 1982, reducing the missing issues even further! Now there are only 17 dates missing.
3-6-17 Wireless Magazine Added April 1929
  Wireless World Added July 1924
  Radio Retailing Added Nov 1948, Jan,  Feb, Mar, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct 1949
  FCC Rules Added the rules governing radio broadcasting operations for 1940
Practical Wireless Added Dec 24, and Dec 31, 1932, Aug 26, Sept 23, Sept 30 1933
3-5-17 Cash Box Added most of the remaining issues from 1982 and 1983. The site is now only missing 19 out of, we believe, 2782 issues published under the Cash Box name .
3-4-17 Cash Box Added most of the missing issues from 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1989
3-3-17 Cash Box Added remaining issues (except one) from 1967. These are April through December.
Added all but one issue from 1988
3-2-17 Wireless Weekly Added all issues from April of 1925 in a single PDF file.
  Cash Box Added the remaining missing issues from 1960 and 1963 completing those years.
Also added most of the issues from April to December of 1961.
  KMA Giode Added the December, 1945 issue. On the cover are seen very young Phillip and Donald Everly, who grew up and became The Everly Brothers.
  RCA Catalogs Added the Broadcast Audio Equipment catalog and price list from 1976
  Hard Report Added 45 issues of this album rock radio (AOR) music weekly. Courtesy of Scott Lowe.
3-01-17 Popular Communications Added December 2000 courtesy of Steve Lampereur.
  Short Wave Magazine (UK) Added April and October of 1948
  Billboard Added the four issues from June 1941
  White's Radio Log Added Summer 1944
  Cash Box Added all 52 issues from the year 1962 and the first 41 issues of 1963.
2-28-17 Popular Communications Added all issues from 2004.
  Billboard Added 9 issues from 1969 and 1970, most of which replace poor scans or incomplete (pages missing) issues. They are marked with the red arrow
  Hitmakers Added 34 issues from 1994, 1995 and 1996. They have the mark
  Radio Logbooks Added "Stevenson's Radio Bulletin" issues from 1941 and 1948
  Radio Progress Added 4 issues from 1924 and 1925. They are highlighted with
  Cash Box Added 56 issues from 1990 to 1996 and the are marked with
  Radio Retailing Added many issues from the late 40's to the early 50's. They are highlighted with
  Speedx Added 216 issues from 1972 to 1992 of the club bulletin from Speedx, "The DX Bulletin for Active Short Wave Listeners".
2-26-16 Short Wave Magazine (UK) Addded Feb 1960, Oct, Nov, Dec 1966 Jan Feb 1967 and the intex for 1967-1968. Also  July, August, Dec 1947
2-23-17 Radio Retailing Added additional issues from the 20's, 30's and 40's/early 50's. All have the symbol.
  Practical Television Added May 1967 courtesy of Allan Hume
  RCA Manuals Added the manual for the 1975 EBE-15A exciter and the one for the BTF 5E1 Transmitter.These are full manuals with exciters and the posterior tech notes and service bulletings.
  Hitmakers Added another 20 issues from 1990,  1994 and 1995
  Bookshelf: Professionl Added McMahan's "The Television Commercial" from 1954
  Television Radio Life Added December 15, 1956 to the collection of this localized Los Angeles media entertainment guide and schedule.
  Billboard Added issues from April to June of 1936.
  Wireless Weekly Added final September issue and combined all issues from that month in one file.
  Recording Engineer Producer Added October, 1977
2-21-17 Wireless World Added July 1934 and Jun 1940
  Radio Service Dealer Added three issues from the mid-1940's. They are highlighted with a
  NAB Publications Added the 8th Edition from 1976 of the Political Broadcast Catechism
2-21-17 Short Wave Magazine Added Jan 1961, Sept, Oct, Dec 1961, Jan 1960, Oct 1959
  Billboard Added July 22. December 9.
  Radio Logbooks Added Stevenson's Log for 1939 and Whites for November 1938 and Spring, 1944
2-20-17 Popular Communications Added missing issues to complete 1995. They are marked in our preferred new manner with a  after the issue just added. Also added the missing 10 issues from 2003 and 2002
2-19-17 Record World Added 14 issues from 1971 to 1973.
2-18-17 Early Radio Annuals: Technical Added a section for miscellaneous annuals and special editions in the technical area from the early years of radio
2-17-17 Wireless World Added June 1924
2-16-17 Billboard Added a group of issues from 1941. These are very poor scans from a third party source, but they are legible and, of course, better than nothing. As we find better copies, these will be replaced. The issues are listed with an "i" after the date.
  Wireless World Added the 1957. 1958 and 1959 editions of the Wireless World Guide to Broadcasting stations. They contained Euripean medium and long wave stations and intenational short-wave listings.
  Electronics World Replaced all issues from 1966 with new scans; some of the issues were missing pages and the new ones should be complete.
  City and Program Guides Added several items to the section for city radio guides or station program guides. Die Súrung is a German program guide from 1938 with national and European program listings and a big dose of Natrional Socialist propaganda. "The Biggest Show on Earth", two copies of a 1939-1940 San Diego program guide and a copy of Radio Luxembourg's "Radio Weekly" from 1951, and, finally, a 1934 issue of "Radio 45" a French program listing magazine.
  Rado Guide Added September 5, 1942
  Teletronics Added a single issue of this Australian publication. It is Nov-Dec 1972
  Kagan Databook Added a new section for the Kagan Cable TV Financial Databook which is a cable industry "facts and figures" annual directory.
  Practical Electronics Added issue from April 1966
  Broadcasting Added the Jan 27, 1992 issue.
  Cash Box Added the November 16. 1996 issue, which is the last issue to be published.
  Wireless World Added May 1924 and September, 1940
  Popular Electronics Replaced the Oct 1954 premiere edition which was missing various pages. Thanks to Stu Vealey who provided the complete issue for scanning.
  Practical Wireless Added the "blueprint" for the Mini-Amp from the November, 1961 issue. It was placed just ahead of the back cover.
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jun, Nov, May,Mar, Apr, 1961. May, Jun, Jul, Sept, May 1944, Mar, 1946 Jul, 1937
2-15-18 Radio Retailing Added Apr, May, Jul, Nov 1946, Nov 1947, Mar, Jun, Jul, Sep, Dec 1959 and Oct 1951
2-12-17 Record World We continue adding more issues and replacing incomplete ones. Rather than listing them, the most recent additions are highlighted with 
2-10-17 Television Added Vol 1 No 2 of "Television" from 1928; this was a very short lived early TV publication and was a predecessor to the 1931 beginnings of "Television News", both from Hugo Gernsback. In addition, there is a collection of photographs from KFNF and, perhaps, KMA from the period, including a letter from Ronald Reagan celebrating SHenandoa's golden age of radio celebration.
  KFNF Album Added a booklet from KFNF in Shenandoah, IA, including program schedule and pictures of the station and the seed seller that owned it.
  Globe Circler Addedd several issues from 1937 of this early DXers magazine
  LPTV Publications Added a batch of miscellaneour LPTV publications in a single file.
2-9-17 Catalogs Added Machlett Cathode Press 1965 3rd edition
  Short Wave Magazine Added Mar & April, 1960
  Practical Wireless Added Nov 1942 and Nov 1944
  Audiocraft Added Feb 1958
  Bookshelf / Technical Added a set of 3 booklets from 1965 by CBS on color film processing.
  Telsen Raddiomag Added a new scan of No. 6 complete with the blueprint diagrams.
  Australian Publications Added the July 6, 1930 issue of Commercial Broadcasting.
2-8-17 Radio Logbooks Added the Lefax Radio Log from 1928 with post-FRC frequency assignments.
2-7-17 Record World Added 8 issues from 1969. They have a red "new" banner.
2-6-17 Short Wave Magazine Added 1959 Jun, Sept, Nov, Dec 1972 Jan
  Gernsback Collection Added "How to Become a Radio Service Man by" Martin  from 1935
  Radio Bookshelf: Early Radio Added Radio Builder's Manual from 1935 from Modern Mechanix
  NAB Documents Added a collection of papers presented at the 1966 NAB Convention
2-5-17 Channels Added 19 issues of Channels including 14 semi-monthly editions from May to December of 1990, Jul-Aug 1989, Jul-Aug 1987, Nar.Aor 1985, Sept 1986 and Nov 1986. All are courtesy of Sharon Strover.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added Zworykin and Morton's "Television; The Electronics of Image Transmission"
  Hitmakers 32 issues of this tip sheet from 1990 to 1995 were added. The magazine has airplay reports, charts and most interesting interviews with programmers and industry leaders.
  Radio News Special Editions Added the 1929 "1001 Radio Questions and Answers". It is listed at the bottom of the Radio News page.
  International Television & Video Almanac Added issues for 2000, 2001.
  Bookshelf: History Added "The Power Behid the Microphone" by Eckserley from 1941
  Station Books Added "Dial 1179; the 3KZ Story" from Melbourne
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added "Presidential Television" by Newton Minow, John Martin and Lee Mitchel. A commentary about America under the political influence of television.
  Television and Short-Wave World Added Jan 1937
2-4-17 Short Wave Magazine Added Feb, Mar 1971  Aug, Sep, Dec 1972  Mar, Apr 1973  1959 Jun, Sept
  Practical Wireless Added Sept, Oct, Dec of 1940 and Mar, May, June, July and August of 1941
  Science and Invention Added June 1925, June 1931 and April, 1927
  Practical Electronics Added November, 1966
  Popular Wireless Added four issues from 1923; they have the symbol next to them.
  Radio World Added additional issues from 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1932 and 1933.
2-3-17 Record World Added Oct 24, Dec 5, Dec 12 1981; Feb 20, Feb 27 1982,
  Radio World Added issues from May to November 5 of 1932. Also added were missing issues from 1934 and 1935.  New additions are marked with 
2-2-17 Billboard Added August 4. and 11, 1958 and Jan 25, 1941
2-1-17 Short Wave Magazine Added April, 1979  and July, November and December 1974, March, 1980, Sept, 1972, May 1959
  Cash Box Added April to December (with just two issues missing) of 1965
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Marchant's Wireless Telegraphy from 1914
  International Television & Video Almanac Added the editions from 1989 and 1999.
  Radio Doings Callbook Added a second issue from 1939
  Practical Wireless Added November 1979
1-30-16 "Television & Radio" annuals Added 1977 and 1980 editions of the IBA yearbooks of independent radio and TV stations.
  Bookshelf: History Added "The Magic Spark" by Walker from 1973; this is a history of radio in Australia.
1-29-17 Austrialia: Broadcasting & TV Annual Added the 1971 edition of this directory of radio, TV, agencies and suppliers.
  Ratings Books Added the October 1953 National Arbitron TV sweeps including ABC, NBC, CBS and duMont programming with hour by hour ratings, share, demos and cume.
  Hitmakers Added a new section for this LA based music tip sheet and programmers magazine, featuring good interviews with program directors and music industry "stars". There were about 1000 issues published. We have another 90 on the way but would love to have move in the collection. Help!
  Encyclopedia of
Electronics Circuits
Added Vol 1 to Vol 5 of Graf's multi-volum collection.
  RCA: Booklets Added a 1967 booklet-form History of RCA
1-28-17 Hobbyist Annuals &
Special Editions
Added many issues of the Popular Electronics "Electronic Experimenter's Handbook" and cleared up errors related to the Radio Now "Electronics Experimenter's Handbook" and a similarly named special edition series from Radio Electronics. Now each has its own section on the page. Please report any errors that remain so we can look for more of the missing issues. Changed or new issues appear in blue lettering.
  Radio World Added a collection of issues from 1930 to 1932, and they are highlighted in Blue with an arrow  next to them.
  Gernsback Library Added "Audio Measurements" by Norman Crowhurst from 1958
  Wireless Engineer Added the 12 issues from 1951
  Electronics Added February 1946
  Wireless / Wireless Weekly Added the November 13, 1926 issue of "Wireless". This publication, up to some time in 1926, was "Wireless Weekly" and was published in the UK.
  Telecast Added the issue from February 1950
  WSAN Radio at War Added the W.W. II "Radio at War" album from WSAN, Allentown, PA
  Popular Wireless Added March 10, 1923
  Record World Added Sept 30, 1978 and Dec 4 1976
1-27-17 Short Wave Magazine Added Mar and Jan 1975 and May and Mar 1974
  Billboard Added Jan 4, Jan 11 1941 and a complete issue of Feb 1, 1969 and May 17, 1986
  Practical Wireless Added Hykt 23, 1938
  Wisdom Magazine: Sarnoff Added an issue from 1958 with an extensive, 80-page profile of Gen. Sarnoff and the RCA company.
  Popular Wireless Added Mar 17 1923 and Aug 8 1923
  Practical Electronics Added 1980 April, 1981 May, 1968 Sept, 1968 July
1-26-17 Australian Radio & Television Added June 1948 and July-September, 1949. This is a fascinating magazine covering technology and radio and TV station programming and operations.
  Popular Wireless Added a set of "Datagram" cards from November and December of 1935
1-24-17 Billboard Added Sept 27 1941
  Wireless Magazine Added December 1935
1-23-17 Wireless Magazine Added May, June, July and October of 1935
  Record World Added 3 of the annual directory issues from 1969 to 1972 as well as
  Short Wave Magazine Added July and Nov 1973 and Jan and Aug of 1974
  Practical Electronics Added June 1980 and November 1981
  Modern Wireless Added October 1927
1-22-17 Television Radio Life Added Aug 10. 1951 of this Los Angeles TV and Radio Guide.which has many feature articles as well as radio and TV schedules.
  Radio Electronics Replaced the January 1955 issue which was missing pages with a new scan which is complete. This is also a reminder that we keep a list of items which are missing pages or otherwise defective and attempt to purchase or obtain replacements; while this may take years we review online sellers and bookstore listings constantly to this end.
  Television-Radio Age Added Jan 21, 1963
1-21-17 Hugo Gernsback Added the Auto Radio Service Manual #1 from 1933
  Billboard Added very low resolution and difficult to read scans of the issues from Jan 3, Jan 10, Jan 31 and Dec 26 of 1970. This makes, despite the lack in quality, those issues available for reasearch. These scans will be replaced if better copies become available.
Also added the supplement to the Sept 27, 1941 issue.
  Broadcast Engineering Added Nov of 1969
  Record World Added 25 issues from 1971 and 1972
  Practical Electronics Added three issues, from 1969, 1979 and 1990. They have a red arrow to indicate they are the newest addtions to the page. 
  Short Wave Magazine Added Dec 1958
  Modern Wireless Added August 1923
1-20-17 Cash Box Added 15 issues from Jan to Jul of Cash Box.
1-16-17 Modern Wireless Added December 1923 and January 1924. Also added two "tuning aids" called the Dial Diamonds and the Station Placer. They are in the left-hand column.
  Nielsen Metro Market Maps Added the 2016 MSA US Market Map pdf file.
  Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added third edition (1947) of this Wireless World listing of world radio stations.
  Gernsback Radio Service Manual Added Volume 4 from 1933-1934 couetesy of Vladimir Radionov
  National Radio Institute Added the 1937 Practical Electronics course with some later updates.
  RCA Institutes 1932 Home Study course was added.
  Broadcast Weekly Added March 9, 1930
1-13-17 Record World Added another batch of issues, this time mostly from 1977 with several from 1976, 1978 and 1980
  Cash Box Added single missing issues from 1958, 1959 and 1966 and 16 issues from 1966 (the first from that year). Also added 13 issues from July to September of 1987
1-12-17 Record World Added 95 new issues and replacements for incomplete editions (missing pages, charts, etc). As this page is being updated rapidly, we have placed a green pointer next to incomplete issues and an orange one next to currently incomplete issues which will be replaced with complete issues. Also, issues "in preparation" are listed in orange lettering, but are not yet available.
1-11-17 Wireless Magazine Added Mar & April 1926 and Mar & April 1935,
  Wireless World Added December 1924
  Everyday Practical Electronics Added 8 issues from the 1990's. Also known as EPE, this is a hard to find title and we'd love to get any old issue you may have taking up space in your garage, basement, attic or storage shed!
  Radio Daily Added Jan, Feb and Mar of 1938
  Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity Added Vol II to compl.ete this set of 7 (while the others are the 1912 edition, this one is the 1924 printing)
  World Radio Added issue from November 25, 1927. This is the oldest issue on the site.
  Gernsback Radio Service Assed Service Manual #5 from 1935
  Billboard Added Dec 26, 1936 and July 18, 1936 (I originally typed "1836" which was the year the USA made the fourth installment on the purchase of what would become California!)
  Broadcast Weekly Added 16 issues of "the leading radio guide of the Pacific Coast" from 1928, 1929 and 1930. They are underlined and marked with an arrow
  Sylvania Radio Log Added a 30's era radio log and station list
  Short Wave Magazine Added Jan 1980, Feb 1974, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec 1960 and Apr, Jun, Nov 1958 and Sept, Nov 1957
1-9-17 DX Verifications Added a collection of  over 5,000 AM (medium wave) verifications of reception from the 1930s to the 1990's which were all obtained by Pennsylvania DXer Kermit Geary. They are searchable by call letters, city, slogan, frequency and more. This is a great way to see a tidbit of real stations from the past 80 years via their letterhead and correspondence. Even if you are not a DXer (your webmaster is one of those "geeks") they make a fun "memory lane" stroll. They can also be seen via "packets" from each state, Province and many nations.
  Radio Station Postcards Added 50 cards from stations in the US, Luxembourg, Andorra, Panamá and México.
1-8-17 Cash Box Added 44 issues from 1986 and 6 issues from 1967
1-7-16 RCA Engineer Added 28 issues from 1977 to 1986 courtesy of the family of Edward Nossen.
1-4-17 Billboard Added a variety of issues from 1936 and 1937
1-3-17 Cash Box Added 11 issues from the first quarter of 1965.
  NAB: Radio Reaches People The earliest "success Story" sales promotion on the site is this hardcover sales presentation booklet from the NAB showing the use of radio and presenting success stories by advertiser categories.
1-2-17 Gavin Report Added 62 isssues from 1988, 1989, 1990, 1995 and 1996. They are hilighted in red.
  Record World Added a symbol    to indicate issues that are missing charts or pages.
1-1-17 Radio Retailing Added the January 1925 and December 1926 issues.
  Wireless World Added November and October 1924
  Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added edition 5 from 1951 of this international station listing from Wireless World in the UK.
  Technical Bookshelf Added Application of Radio and Television Principles - 1955 
  Radio & Appliance Jouranal Added Sept 1946
Short Wave Magazine Added July 1957; Feb and March 1972; Sept, 1974; June, 1991
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